10 Times Red Velvet’s Yeri Totally Blew Us Away With Her Gorgeous Stage Outfits

She’s grown up to be absolutely stunning!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri debuted as the group’s cutest maknae, but 5 years after her debut, has grown into the most beautiful young woman! She stuns with her talent and visuals onstage, here are 10 times she had us mesmerized with her beauty!

1. Shimmery silver blouse, black short and thigh-high boots

Yeri looks super gorgeous in this outfit, especially with her iconic short haircut!


2. This rainbow top and shorts

Yeri wore this outfit for a performance for “Peek-A-Boo”, and the outfit was also featured in her teaser photos, becoming an instant fan favorite!


3. This all-black outfit with hints of red

Yeri looks super chic in this outfit!


4. This white tank top and denim skirt

She looks so pretty in this outfit, and her blonde hair and bangs are a bonus!


5. All-black outfit

She looks amazing in this all-black outfit!


6. This pink printed dress with mismatched boots

“Zimzalabim” had some pretty iconic outfits, and Yeri made them work like the queen she is!


7. This all-white outfit

Yeri in this dress and curly hair is so beautiful.


8. This red crop top and skirt

She looked absolutely suited for summer in this outfit!


9. This black dress

This black dress highlights Yeri’s amazing figure so well!


10. All-pink outfit

Yeri looks pretty in pink in this outfit perfect for summer!

March 5- Happy Birthday, Yeri!

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