10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Got Scared By… Pretty Much Nothing At All

Her jumpy nature is surprisingly adorable.

On a recent episode of Don’t Wake Mom, Red Velvet’s Seulgi revealed that leader Irene’s nickname is “Baedeuljjak”—a combination of her surname, Bae, and the Korean word for “jumpscare”. And the nickname couldn’t be more accurate given how easily spooked Irene gets. Just take a look at 11 cute and funny times Irene got scared by the most harmless of things.

1. When she got scared of a tissue

Irene has a fear of most animals, so when a dog ran up to her while she was shooting an eye contact cam, she understandably panicked. Except, it wasn’t a dog at all—it was a stray tissue.

2. When she got scared by her own voice

On a recent radio show, Irene and Seulgi were asked to give a shoutout. The host thought it would be fun to put an echo effect over their voices. But judging by her reaction, it seems that Irene did not agree.

3. When she got scared of Wendy getting scared

When a bug flew onto Wendy’s arm during this performance, no one was surprised she got scared. What really surprised everyone was that Irene got a scare just because Wendy did.

4. When she got scared by her birthday celebration

Party poppers are customary at birthday celebrations, but these ones caught Irene completely off guard—so much so that she almost threw herself out of her chair.

5. When she got scared of a bubble

Bubbles are completely harmless, right? Not to Irene. When a big bubble flew her way in Slovenia, she found herself running away.

Perhaps her bubble fear started when she was caught accidentally swallowing one at an awards show?

6. When she got scared by Joy’s laugh

Given that the Red Velvet members still live together in a dorm, Irene must hear happy-go-lucky Joy laughing pretty often. But that didn’t stop her from getting spooked when Joy started laughing with the audience at a REDMARE show.

7. When she got scared by a leaf

It’s not uncommon for people to get a little scared at safari parks. Usually, a dangerous animal like a lion is the cause of everyone’s fear. Irene, however, was much more scared of this leaf.

8. When she got scared by her own song

With its horror films and demonic CGI, Irene and Seulgi’s new subunit song “Monster” could be pretty scary to some. But at this concert, it was harmless “I Just” that made Irene jump.

9. When she got scared of a camera

Given her many modelling jobs and photoshoots, Irene is definitely no stranger to a camera. But when this camera reached her, she was hilariously taken aback.

10. When she got scared by a wig

Irene recently donned a blonde wig for her July 17 performance of “Monster”.

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

However, when Seulgi tried to put this wig on her head on Level Up Thrilling Project, Irene freaked out.

11. When she got scared by a fake spider

Okay, in Irene’s defense, trick insects and arachnids can be pretty spooky. But this really funny thing about this prank was that Irene got fooled by the same toy twice.

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