10 Times Red Velvet’s Irene Proved She’s The Perfect “Girl In Miu Miu” Ambassador

No one rocks Miu Miu like Irene.

Back in July 2019, Red Velvet‘s Irene became a “Girl In Miu Miu”—the title luxury Italian fashion brand Miu Miu uses for its ambassadors and muses. And when you see her in these 10 Miu Miu outfits, it’s easy to see why she was the perfect choice.


Seulgi once said that every side of Irene is pretty, “even her back side”. No moment proves that better than when she wore this $2,700 backless black sequined Miu Miu dress in a shoot for VOGUE Korea.

The $900 crystal drop choker only accentuated her back more.


Another striking Miu Miu outfit that proved Irene is perfect for the brand is the one she wore when she attended their Paris Fashion Week show in March 2019.

Irene wore a $1,900 fitted black blazer over a dazzling golden dress from the brand’s SS2019 collection. The outfit was completed with hoop crystal earrings, a $1,200 body necklace, a clutch bag, and $1,200 platform sandals (all from Miu Miu).


Even the outfit Irene wore on the way to Paris looked incredible.

Animal print can be hit or miss, but Irene definitely caught attention in this $1,000 Miu Miu leopard mini skirt and a $1,200 cropped denim jacket from the brand.


Most recently, Irene showed off the perfect Miu Miu spring vibes in NYLON Korea‘s May 2020 issue.

She looked fresh and radiant wearing this $2,000 floral crochet dress from the brand.


Miu Miu is known for classic elegant, but Irene showed how the brand can have an edgy vibe in several of her outfits for VOGUE Korea.

These two Miu Miu t-shirts boast bold graphics, and Irene suited them perfectly despite her usual ‘innocent’ image.


In this airport look, she also showed that Miu Miu can be worn comfortably and casually.

Her t-shirt, cardigan, and bag were all Miu Miu. While they could be worn in a preppy, put-together style, Irene matched them with Converse mules, comfy jeans, and cute spectacles.


Conversely, this airport style from May 2018 embodied Miu Miu’s traditional, highly feminine vibe perfectly.

From the top to the shoes, every piece in this outfit is from Miu Miu, but the overall look isn’t overwhelming. In fact, it looks like a spring outfit anyone could pull off (with a figure as great as Irene’s, of course).


Even when she’s only wearing one piece from Miu Miu, Irene’s beauty makes the brand shine.

While recording a promotional video for the KBS 2019 Gayo Daechukje (where she was an MC), Irene looked gorgeous in this $1,900 Miu Miu jacket.


Before Irene started rocking Miu Miu, it would’ve been hard to image an idol dancing on stage in one of the brand’s outfits.

But Irene aced all her moves while performing “Umpah Umpah” in this mini skirt and embellished silk shirt.


Last but not least, who could forget the angelic Miu Miu dress Irene wore for a 2019 red carpet appearance?

No one would look better in this Miu Miu cady dress than angel Irene herself.

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