These 10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Sweetly Fed Her Members Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Imagine being hand-fed by *the* Irene.

Leader Irene is known as the “mom” of Red Velvet—and for good reason. One of her most caring traits is how she always keeps her members well fed and it’s the sweetest thing. See for yourself in these 11 moments.

1. She always feeds her “kids” before herself

2. She even cooked this seaweed soup herself

3. Open wide!

4. Tiny leader feeding her tallest member

5. Feeder and food lover—a match made in heaven

6. Irene’s been feeding Yeri since she was in middle school

7. But the maknae doesn’t always cooperate

8. Irene uploaded this photo for Wendy’s birthday

9. You know she’d always have the best snacks at sleepovers

10. Seafood is one of her specialties

11. Feed us too, please!

Red Velvet