10 Times Red Velvet’s Joy & GFRIEND’s Yerin Proved They’re One Of The Prettiest BFF Pairs In K-Pop

Their visuals are perfectly matched.

Not only is the friendship between legendary 97-liners Red Velvet‘s Joy and GFRIEND‘s Yerin simply adorable, it’s also visually gorgeous. Take a look at 10 times Joy and Yerin proved they’re not just one of the closest pairs in K-Pop, they’re also one of the prettiest.

1. They’ve been serving visuals together since high school

2. How are they this gorgeous even with masks on?!

3. Of course, they’re even prettier with the masks off

4. They’ve been turning ISAC into their beauty pageant…

5. …for years…

6. …and years!

7. Their selfie game is unmatched

8. Just look at those beautiful smiles…

9. …and incredible figures

10. Let’s pray for more JoYerin content to feast our eyes on!