10 Times Red Velvet’s Joy Lived Out Her European Dreams In Gorgeous Berets

Red Velvet are the beret queens.

Red Velvet’s Joy is a huge fan of all things European—including berets, which originally became popular in France and Spain. Here are 10 times she looked absolutely gorgeous in a beret.

1. Doesn’t she just look perfectly Parisian?

2. This was definitely “something unforgettable”

3. Thank god for “Tempted” styling

4. Imagine Joy’s dog Haetnim in a puppy beret too

5. Joy’s dramas always put her in berets

6. She’s way too powerful

7. Even a monochrome beret stands out on Joy

8. Her smile is even prettier than her fashion

9. Only she could make a tweed beret look this good

10. This leopard print beret from April’s Jinsol was the perfect gift

Red Velvet