10 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Caught Everyone’s Attention With Her Airport Outfits

Seulgi’s airport style is unmistakable.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi has always had a unique and eye-catching personal style, but these 10 airport outfits were particularly memorable for everyone who saw them.


One of Seulgi’s most memorable outfits was her head-to-toe Off White look.

On April 22 2018, she wore the brand’s red trackpants, Princess Diana t-shirt, and black-and-white mini bag.


Seulgi repped Off White again when she headed back from Manila on June 10 2019. She wore another black-and-white diagonal striped bag from the brand along with Converse sandals and a Nike cap.

The most head-turning part of her outfit was the unbuttoned cropped shirt.


Seulgi wore this red floral jacket and black mini-shorts way back on July 16 2016, but it’s still one of her most iconic looks—especially paired with her tousled waves.


Seulgi wore one of her edgiest airport outfits to date on September 27 2019.

She paired a black Aimons jumpsuit with eye-catching red Prada sneakers and a cargo bag from the same brand.


This look from June 22 2018 was one of Seulgi’s most feminine outfits.

She looked pretty as a picture in a cropped floral blouse from ZARA paired with cut-off jeans and a Gucci shoulder bag.


Another feminine fit Seulgi pulled off came on June 10 2018, when she showed off her gorgeous shoulders in his ruffled black top.


Animal print can be hard to pull off, but it’s no trouble for Seulgi.

She looked amazing in this leopard print shirt from Studio Tomboy along with a Nike cap and Chloé bag on August 6 2019.


Few airport outfits showed off Seulgi’s incredible figure better than this one from September 2 2019.

She wore form-fitting denim shorts from Forever 21 with a beige collarless blazer, a $2,300 USD Louis Vuitton bag, and $1,100 Louis Vuitton sneakers.


Fans loved this October 19 2017 airport look because of how adorable it was.

Seulgi looked cuddlier than ever wearing this thick scarf. Plus, her shoes were—wait for it—Ivy Park “Red Velvet” slides.


Last but not least, this look from January 16 2019 was memorable because few people other than Seulgi could pull it off.

She looked so devastatingly soft in her plaid bucket hat and Moco Bling sweater, even Irene couldn’t help but put an arm around her.

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