10+ Times Sana Proved Why Her Nickname Is Cutie-Sexy

She’s cute! She’s sexy! She’s Cutie-Sexy!

Fans say TWICE‘s Sana is capable of being cute and sexy at the same time. It’s true!


1. Cute Sana

This is actually one of Sana’s most popular GIFs. Look at that smile, she’s adorable!


2. Sexy Sana

Sana can make something as simple as getting out of a car look this sexy!


3. Cutie-Sexy Sana

Sana is so full of aegyo, but her beautiful face and figure turn everything she does into sexy!


4. Cute Sana

Sana is such a cutie pie when she does TWICE’s choreography.


5. Sexy Sana

But sometimes this happens and fans can’t breathe!


6. Cutie-Sexy Sana

So when the two gets combined, we get the amazing “Shy Shy Shy”.


7. Cute Sana

Here’s Sana trying to wink during her live broadcast.


8. Sexy Sana

Then she put on this sleepy face.


9. Cutie-Sexy Sana

Sana really does pull off the cute and sexy at the same time!


10. Cute Sana

Sana pulling out this paper heart stopped a good thousand human hearts.


11. Sexy Sana

And when she tosses her hair, a million more stop!


12. Cutie-Sexy Sana

Everything about this is simply Sana: The bunny years, the slide, her amazing body, and the plop.


Sana is the queen of cute sexy, sexy cute!


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