10 Times Savage BTS Kept Each Other In Check By Dishing Hard Facts

Ooooh, burn. (Sizzles)

BTS members boast quite the teamwork and are always supportive of each other as brothers. But facts are facts; and even the strongest brotherhood of all brotherhoods cannot dispute what’s real. Here are 10 times BTS members kept each other in check by savagely dishing out the truth – and only the truth.


1. About V’s Basketball Skills

I like basketball… Why aren’t you asking me if I’m good at basketball?

— V


Because I already know you suck at it.

— Suga


2. About Suga Saving J-Hope’s Life Once Upon A Time

You don’t remember? I ran all the way carrying you on my back.

— Suga


Of course he doesn’t remember. That never happened.

— Jimin


3. About J-Hope Being A City Beauty

Don’t I look like a really chic guy from the city right now?

— J-Hope


No, you look like a hiker.

— Jungkook


4. About Jin Being Old

Oh man, why does Sandeul look so old?

— Jin


Because he’s your friend. You’re old too.

— Jimin


5. About J-Hope’s Spirit Animal

Wait, how do I draw a horse…?

— J-Hope


Go look in a mirror and draw what you see.

— Jungkook


6. About Suga’s Not-So-Candid Candid Photo

Oh man, this was candid by J-Hope.

— Suga


Um? Candid, my butt? I took it because you wanted me to take it!

— J-Hope


7. About Jungkook vs. Flower

Jungkook with a beautiful flower? I can barely tell which is which!

— J-Hope


This is the flower and that is Jungkook.

— Jin


8. About RM’s Logic Behind Towel-Drying

(The water) is going to dry off anyway, so why bother wiping?

— RM


Oh yeah? It’s going to dry off, so why wipe – huh? Well then, we all die anyway, so why live?

— Suga


9. About Jin’s Ideal Type

I like women who have the ‘puppy face’. And I like personalities that have aegyo, like a puppy’s. I really like dogs, so I guess that’s why I base my ideal type off of puppies.

— Jin


Just date a poodle then. You two would look great together.



10. About J-Hope’s Chances of Survival

Jungkook: You’re most likely to die first in horror movies, you know.
J-Hope: How come?


Because you’d be extra dramatic about everything.

— Jungkook

Source: Nate Pann