10+ Times SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Lived Up To His Nickname “Gentle Sexy”

How is he gentle and sexy at the same time?!

Can anyone really be gentle and sexy at the same time? According to SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua, he can! Joshua is known for being a complete gentleman, but he can easily turn sultry in seconds. Because of this talent, Joshua once named himself, SEVENTEEN’s “Gentle sexy” member and his fellow members did not object to his nickname, so it must be true!

Here are 10+ times Joshua lived up to his nickname “gentle sexy.”

1. The wink!

If this isn’t the definition of “gentle sexy” then I don’t know what is.

2. It went from gentle to sexy real fast!

It was soft and gentle until he looked at the camera.

3. He’s confusing everyone!

How can someone be gentle and sexy? I guess Joshua is just the full package.

4. Joshua in this photoshoot

Joshua was nothing but his nickname during this photoshoot.

5. His eyes

His gaze is intense!

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

6. Sleepy Joshua

Even when he’s sleepy he’s SEVENTEEN’s “gentle sexy.”

7. Why is he giving us all a heart attack?!

This is peak “gentle sexy” energy

| STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube

8. Joshua what are you doing to that sweater?

How is he making that soft gentle sweater sexy?

9. Blonde haired Joshua!

The blonde hair makes him so gentle but his facial expression does the opposite.

10. Joshua’s side profile is breathtaking

He looks like a gentle angle…

… a “gentle sexy” angel

11. ARMS!

Joshua’s gentle pose with his arms exposed!

12. His dance move

Joshua is really trying to kill us with these dance moves!

13. His exposed collarbone

Joshua once again serves us the “gentle sexy” energy with his blonde hair and exposed collarbone.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

14. Joshua with his water bottle and straw

Nobody expected that!

| kpoop4lifeu/YouTube

15. Joshua created “gentle sexy”

Thank you for inventing the concept of “gentle sexy” Joshua!