10 Times SHINee’s Onew Served Major Looks In Sweater Vests

#4 is too cute!

SHINee‘s Onew is not only an amazing vocalist and leader, but he’s also a super fashionable man! Onew looks great in everything he wears, but he’s been all about the sweater vests lately.

SHINee’s Onew | @AreyouMTTM/Twitter

Here are 10 times Onew rocked sweater vests!

1. He rocked this print

This sweater vest’s vibrant colors and interesting pattern definitely suit Onew’s cheery vibe!

2. This teddy bear sweater vest is almost as adorable as Onew. But only almost

This playful pattern is the perfect way to add a bit of flair and fun to a sweater vest!

3. He looks like a soulful indie artist

Onew’s hat adds an artistic vibe to this sweater vest look!

4. Yellow is definitely his color

We love how his Bambi pen adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness to this look!

5. Blue is his color, too

Just look at his precious smile!

6. Keeping it simple

This black and white sweater vest proves Onew looks just as great when he’s wearing understated clothing as when he’s wearing eye-catching clothing.

7. Bright, cheery, and professional all at once

Onew’s yellow sweater vest lends a welcome pop of color to his outfit and suits his white button down nicely.

8. Simple and stylish

This black and white sweater vest is a simple yet stylish way to top off a professional look!

9. He looks like our new favorite professor

Onew looked like a hip professor in this sweater vest! He definitely would be the most popular faculty member on campus.

10. The epitome of professional looks

It doesn’t get more professional than a sweater vest and a suit jacket!