10+ Times Somi Showed Off Her Perfectly Toned 11-Line Abs

#1 is iconic

No matter when or where Somi is always stunning everyone with gorgeous visuals! From her doll-like face to her amazing physique, Somi is truly perfect! One feature that especially caught everyone’s attention is her incredibly toned 11-shaped abs!

Here are 10+ times Somi showed off her perfectly toned 11-line abs

1. This moment had us all shook

| Somi on Mnet’s “SIXTEEN”

2. Even after SIXTEEN, Somi proved she still had her amazing 11-line abs during Produce 101

3. She has those 11-line abs and an hourglass figure

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

4. A plain white t-shirt and jeans never looked better!

5. When she was an actual mermaid!

6. Somi’s always ready to show off her abs

7. Even in some sweatpants she still looks beautiful

8. She’s always keeping healthy!


9. She’s goals!

10. Even her dad has abs


11. Somi made all our hearts skip a beat in this outfit!