10+ Times Song Joong Ki Made You Wish You Were Song Hye Kyo

True love is real.

1. When he bought a house in Itaewon worth 10billion won ($9.2 million USD)


2. When he took Song Hye Kyo to IU’s concert


3. When he looks at Song Hye Kyo like she is the only thing that exists on Earth


4. When he gave a huge engagement ring to Song Hye Kyo


5. When he calls Song Hye Kyo “jagiya”.


6. When he took Song Hye Kyo to Paris


7. When he gave all the credit for their success in Descendents of The Sun to Song Hye Kyo


8. Every time he has laid his head on her shoulder


9. When he showed his good manners


10. When he is so sure about his love for Song Hye Kyo and shares it with everyone


11. When he talked about how pretty she is on stage.


12. When he held Song Hye Kyo’s hand on the red carpet.