10 Times Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Looked Like STAYs’ Guardian Angel In White Outfits

We hope it didn’t hurt when he fell from heaven!

Stray KidsBang Chan looks handsome no matter what he’s wearing. But when he dons an all-white outfit, he looks so angelic that we’re sure he fell from heaven just to protect STAYs.


This all-white outfit from the SBS 2018 Gayo Daejeon has to be one of Bang Chan’s most memorable look to date. As if the white ripped jeans and leather jacket weren’t enough, he topped it off with striking silver hair.


The stylist for this Naver x Dispatch shoot capture Bang Chan’s angelic purity perfectly, the loose-fitting shirt flowing just like wings.


No one could believe their eyes when Bang Chan showed up to this year’s Gaon Chart Music Awards in a luxurious white tweed suit. The gold accents were really the cherry on this angel food cake.


Platinum-haired Dr. Bang Chan will see you now. Enough said.


Imagine running into Bang Chan at a masquerade ball. In this sparkling white suit, he looks like he would whisk you away to the clouds.


Absolutely no one should look this good in a plain white hoodie, but everyone forgot to give debut era Bang Chan that memo.


Even in a crowded airport, angel Bang Chan stood out to everyone in this white shirt and pants combo. Just look at his pure expression!


Have you ever seen something as pure as Bang Chan on this day? Who’s to say the feather on his necklace didn’t fall from his very own angel wings?


This outfit had a lot going on, but every inch of it was perfect. Of course, Bang Chan always looks great in a suit, no matter what color it is.


The only thing better than Bang Chan in white is sparkly Bang Chan in white.

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