10 Times Stray Kids’ Felix And Bang Chan Proved They Are The Most Iconic (And Chaotic) Duo

#4 was peak “Chanlix” for sure.

Stray KidsFelix and Bang Chan are known to be one of the most iconic duos in K-Pop, and the fact that they’ve often gone viral for it is a testament to their friendship. They are not only as close as siblings but also as chaotic as them too!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and Felix (right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter
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Here are 10 of the most memorable moments between the two Australian Stray Kids members that have gone viral.


1. When Felix removed Bang Chan’s wedding veil

Bang Chan ended up wearing a wedding veil at a fansign, and Felix hilariously removed it as if he were the groom and Bang Chan were the bride.

2. When the two of them had a blast at NCT DREAM’s concert

Fans saw “the two Australians” jamming together to “Hot Sauce” after being invited to the concert by their friend NCT DREAM’s Chenle.

3. When they both showed off their abs

They both left fans in a daze as they showed off their perfectly toned abs in a memorable “Charmer” fancam.

4. When Felix hilariously smacked Bang Chan

This was peak “Chanlix” chaos, and the clip wasted no time going viral among fans.

5. When they were in Australia together

Felix and Bang Chan got the chance to visit and relax with their families at home in Australia this year, but they still hung out together a lot, much to STAYs’ delight.

6. When they held hands

Felix and Bang Chan holding hands during the choreography of “Back Door” will forever live on in STAYs’ minds rent-free.

7. When they got cuddly onstage

Both of them are known for being affectionate with their members, but this moment still stood out!

8. When they “argued” over who was going to pay

They had fans feeling soft when Felix hilariously insisted on paying for their items.

9. When Bang Chan felt betrayed

Felix and Bang Chan recently made an appearance on Eric Nam‘s The Daebak Show. When they spilled on their audition stories, Bang Chan felt betrayed after finding out that he’d had to do more during his audition than Felix.

10. When they proved to be a living meme

Showcasing completely different energies, Felix and Bang Chan proved they are both iconic and hilariously relatable living memes.

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