10 Times Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Proved He’s Developed The Perfect Style With His Airport Outfits

#6 was one for the ages.

Stray KidsHyunjin once said that if he wasn’t an idol, he’d be an interior designer. But judging by his impeccable airport style, he could’ve easily been a fashion designer too. Here are 10 times Hyunjin showed everyone he has his personal style down perfectly with iconic airport outfits.

1. Hyunjin in January 2019

Back in January last year, Hyunjin turned heads in this baby face hoodie. He tucked it into belted, monochrome camo pants and paired it with a bucket hat and bandana to create one of his most unforgettable airport looks to date.

2. Hyunjin in September 2019

Hyunjin brought back the bandana and bucket hat combo a few months later. This time, he went for a black meets gray look, pairing a distressed top with cargo pants for a dystopian street style vibe.

3. Hyunjin in November 2019

All-black is another signature Hyunjin look that STAYs never get tired of. One of the best was this long black coat paired with a high-neck top and adorable spectacles.

4. Hyunjin in October 2019

Another fan favorite was this loose-fitting black shirt. Paired with a black undershirt and tight black jeans, this outfit made Hyunjin’s silhouette look amazing.

5. Hyunjin in November 2019

And who could forget Hyunjin in the scarf? It brought a cozy feel to this edgy leather jacket and boots combo, and his jet-black hair only made the overall look even better.

6. Hyunjin in October 2018

The day Hyunjin showed up to the airport with this lip ring was one for the ages. He embodied the hiker vibe perfectly with his jacket and backpack.

7. Hyunjin in August 2018

Hyunjin is one of K-Pop’s kings of the beret hat, and he definitely proved it this day. He wore it with a standout burgundy shirt and ripped jeans.

8. Hyunjin in September 2018

Another shirt STAYs loved was this retro striped number. Combined with the specs, it had Hyunjin looking like a European writer from an old movie just waiting to write a book about the love of his life.

9. Hyunjin in June 2018

And then there was the half-tucked striped shirt Hyunjin wore almost two years ago. Even now, it’s still one of his best airport looks. His red bag and jewelry added even more interest to what would’ve been a simple fit on anyone else.

10. Hyunjin in November 2019

Last but not least, here’s one of Hyunjin’s cosiest outfits. He looks just as cuddly as the teddy on his Ralph Lauren sweater, especially with his hat on.

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