10 Times Suga Proved He’s The Most Practical Person On The Planet

These are some of his most hilariously realistic moments.

Some people are idealists, who look at the world through rose-colored glasses. BTS‘s Suga is not one of those people. Here are 10 times his ultra-logical mind made him the most practical person ever!

1. When he talked about NASA’s “Moon Tunes” project…

2. …and answered this interview question

Question: “How have you changed as a band since the start, since 2013 2 Cool 4 Skool?”. Suga’s answer: “Age.”

3. When he picked the most expensive “dream home” just so he could sell it

4. When he gave this reason for returning to Korea

5. When he criticized this VR game’s realism

6. Even hypothetical water must be filtered

7. His most prized possession

Question: “What is your most prized possession?” Suga’s answer: “Money.”

8. When he shot down V’s sports’ star dreams

9. BTS vs Noise Complaints

10. When he tried to add real-world problems to this fictional story


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