10+ Times Suzy Flaunted Her Gorgeous Visuals In Sexy Chokers

Suzy in chokers is a superior concept!

Suzy is a reigning visual in K-Pop, who’s looks have always been the talk of the town! She seems to be able to pull off both sexy and demure styles equally well, owning them with her amazingly unique visuals! Here are 10+ times Suzy wore a choker, looking sexy AF!

1. She’s so pretty in chokers!


2. Suzy in chokers is a superior concept.


3. Queen of visuals!


4. She’s slaying hard in this outfit!


5. Her visuals are unreal!


6. This dainty choker is so cute on her!


7. She’s flaunting her sexy visuals in this outfit and choker!


8. We’re loving this look on her!


9. This is a legendary look!


10. She looks so amazing in chokers!


11. She’s serving some real chic visuals in these photos!


12. This whole outfit is iconic!


13. Suzy is a sexy queen!


14. The choker complemented her beautiful visuals!


15. She’s rocking this diamond choker!


16. This simple choker is so elegant!



17. Suzy’s visuals are out of this world!