10+ Times Suzy Showed Off Her Amazing Visuals In A Simple Pair Of Jeans

She’s the queen of proportions!

Former Miss A member Suzy has been regarded as a top visual for years, and its not hard to see why! Here are 10+ times Suzy absolutely slayed in a simple pair of jeans- even the most basic outfits can’t kill her shine!

1. Suzy’s a beautiful queen!


2. So pretty!


3. She has such gorgeous visuals!


4. Casual Suzy still slays!


5. Such a pretty woman!


6. Beautiful!


7. Suzy’s so pretty!


8. Suzy proves that she doesn’t need make up to slay!


9. So cute!


10. She has such alluring visuals!


11. Her visuals are unreal.


12. She looks amazing in this white tee and jeans combo!


13. Super visual Suzy is killing it!