10 Times TWICE Were A Bunch Of Lovely Adorable Dorks

TWICE really are lovable dorks, and these moments prove it!

The TWICE members are known for their close friendships – they are so comfortable, they often bring out the quirky and dorky parts of each other! Here are some times the girls showed off their adorably weird sides on camera.


1. When Dayun was showing off her strange dance move, and Chaeyoung and Tzuyu were being dorks in the background.


2. When Sana and Momo decided to be twins for an entire live broadcast.


3. When Dayun pretended to interview Nayeon.


4. When Jeongyeon decided to show off her ostrich impression.


5. When the girls did each other’s makeup and then broadcast the results live…


6. When Sana and Jeongyeon walked around the streets laughing crazily and yelling at people.


7. When Chaeyoung and Dayun went intimate during the filming of the “What Is Love” MV.


8. When they did this with their beautiful faces 🤣


9. Whenever the camera zooms in on Jeongyeon!


10. Whenever it’s dance time!