10+ Times TWICE’s Chaeyoung Was A Whole Stunner In Her Stage Outfits

She truly shines onstage!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is a beauty known to be able to pull off a wide variety of styles with ease, and her effortless visuals are apparent onstage as well! Here are 10+ times she was a whole visual queen in her stage outfits!

1. This print dress is perfect for Chaeyoung!


2. She’s gorgeous!


3. Chaeyoung can seriously pull off anything!


4. Blue is definitely her color!


5. “Fancy” era Chaeyoung is so iconic!


6. Her visuals in this pink outfit are unreal!


7. This satin blue outfit is so pretty on her!


8. Chaeyoung truly embodies the “Born This Way” feels in this outfit!

9. She makes this outfit work like nobody else!


10. Her visuals are unreal!


11. This sparkly outfit shines as much as Chaeyoung does!


12. And so does this one!

13. This sexy red and black dress will go down in history as one of her most iconic looks!


14. You can never go wrong with a simple crop top and jeans, as demonstrated by Chaeyoung!


15. She’s killing it in this outfit!


TWICE recently made their comeback with their second full album Eyes Wide Open, and title track “I Can’t Stop Me”.

Watch the MV here!


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