10 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Served Major Looks In All Black

We’re obsessed with #8 😍

TWICE‘s Dahyun is an absolute stunner!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

While Dahyun always looks beautiful, she looks especially gorgeous when she’s wearing all black.

Here are 10 times Dahyun wowed us with her visuals while wearing all-black outfits!

1. The very picture of elegance

This gorgeous little black dress looks so good on Dahyun!

2. “Perfect World” Dahyun will forever be iconic

This look lives in our minds rent-free!

3. Looking luxurious as ever in a long black dress

It doesn’t matter if Dahyun is wearing a short dress or a long dress. She’s serving looks either way!

4. It’s all in the details

The pretty silver details on Dahyun’s top make this all-black outfit really pop!

5. She’s so alluring

This photo of Dahyun is proof that you can never go wrong with red lipstick and a black dress!

6. We’re in love with this dress

The little clasps really make this dress pop!

7. This one-shoulder top is everything

“Fancy” era Dahyun served looks EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

8. She looks like a goth princess

We love everything about this look! Her hair, the lace, the body chain, and the fishnets are the perfect combo.

9. She’s practically staring into our souls

We’re forever in love with this Dahyun!

10. The list wouldn’t be complete without this stage outfit

Shoutout to all the lucky ONCEs who saw this Dahyun look in person!