10+ Times TWICE’s God Jihyo Showed All Of Us How To Rock An All-Black Outfit

She’s gorgeous!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is the group’s beautiful and talented leader!  While she stuns on stage with her talent, her stage presence is amplified by her gorgeous outfits, that she slays all the time! Here are 10+ times Jihyo wore an all-black outfit, and absolutely shined!

1. She’s God Jihyo indeed!


2. She’s so gorgeous.


3. Jihyo’s killing it in this outfit!


4. She rocks black outfits so well!


5. Her visuals are unreal.


6. Jihyo rocks this outfit!


7. This dress looks amazing on her!


8. She has the prettiest smile!


9. She looks gorgeous!


10. Jihyo owns this dress!


11. Jihyo’s so pretty!


12. She’s radiant!