10+ Times TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was Just 75% Legs

This queen has got legs for days!

Even though the member who’s most noted for their height is TWICE‘s giant maknae Tzuyu, as the second tallest member, Jeongyeon has some equally long legs that are to die for! Coming in at 169 cm, Jeongyeon is noted for having long, slender legs that seem to go on for days! Here are 10+ times Jeongyeon showed off her long legs, and had fans going crazy over them!

1. Jeongyeon’s long legs in heels are a superior concept!


2. She’s all leg in these pictures!


3. She’s gorgeous!


4. She’s serving some seriously classy vibes in this fit!


5. Her legs look so good in these pictures!


6. Even in this simple outfit, Jeongyeon’s legendary legs speak for themselves!


7. Her legs take center stage in this outfit!


8. Leg Queen Jeongyeon is here to stay!


9. This outfit is working for her legs!


10. Her proportions are crazy!


11. Jeongyeon in jeans is so superior!


12. Her legs look amazing!