10+ Times TWICE’s Jeongyeon Showed Off Her Unreal Proportions In The Prettiest Dresses

Her visuals in dresses are so pretty!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is the second tallest member of TWICE, and has been noted to have a very pretty body-line! Here are 10+ times Jeongyeon wore a dress, emphasizing her unreal proportions!

1. She’s a long-legged queen in this fit!


2. Jeongyeon is gorgeous!


3. Red is a color she absolutely owns!


4. But something about her visuals in white just hit different!


5. Chic queen comin’ through!


6. Jeongyeon’s sexy side is everything!


7. Her visuals are unreal!


8. A whole cutie in this dress!


9. Her girl crush vibes in this dress is everything!


10. Red really is her color!


11. She looks pretty in pink in this dress!


12. She’s working this dress!


13. This dress is perfect for Jeongyeon!


14. Such a queen!