10 Times TWICE’s Jihyo Served Major Looks In All Black

Can’t stop thinking about #8 🤯

TWICE‘s Jihyo is beyond beautiful!

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

While Jihyo’s always gorgeous, she looks amazing in all-black outfits. Here are 10 times she wowed us with her visuals in all black!

1. You can never go wrong with a black crop top and mini skirt

The details on the skirt really make this look memorable!

2. “Fancy” Jihyo always served

Jihyo’s black outfits during the “Fancy” era were stunning!

3. She rocked this black denim dress

This unique dress was so stylish!

4. Her “Breakthrough” look is iconic

Jihyo looked like such a baddie in this music video!

5. Off-the-shoulder styles really suit her

This is such a gorgeous photo of Jihyo!

6. This pinstripe suit is a serve

Jihyo was positively breathtaking in this suit!

7. She’s so stylish

The sheer top under her dress adds an extra layer of coolness to this look!

8. “Perfect World” Jihyo lives rent free in our minds

Her “Perfect World” look was EVERYTHING!

9. All black but make it ✨festive✨

Jihyo doesn’t take a break from serving looks during the holidays!

10. “Cry For Me” Jihyo was an icon

This leather jacket looks great on her!