10+ Times TWICE Members Bullied Each Other

If you had eight sisters, you’d be this savage too.

TWICE is one big, happy…sassy, dysfunctional family. The members show their unconditional love through brazen insults and teasing, but it’s all in the name of friendship!


1. When Tzuyu shook the bridge.

Tzuyu tormented her members by shaking a bridge while they were crossing it.

That bridge is as high as the mountains in the background. No wonder they were scared to fall!


2. When Nayeon imitated Tzuyu and Mina.

Tzuyu laughed awkwardly…

…and Mina died of embarrassment.


3. “You must be this tall to ride this ride.”

At an amusement park, Jihyo loudly announced that Chaeyoung was too short to ride one of the attractions.

Jihyo measured Chaeyoung’s height in front of a crowd then decided that she could ride the ride after all.

Thoroughly insulted, Chaeyoung declared, “I’m taller than 140cm!”


4. When Nayeon ditched Dahyun during a live broadcast.

Dahyun was brushing her teeth when she stumbled upon Nayeon. Nayeon, who was in the middle of chatting with fans, abrupted got up and left Dahyun to do the broadcast in her stead.

Dahyun didn’t know how to continue the broadcast, since her mouth full of toothpaste!


5. Tzuyu’s special medicine

When Tzuyu was asked if she had taken her medicine, Jihyo embraced her while saying that she herself was Tzuyu’s medicine. Tzuyu sassily replied, “That’s why I haven’t recovered yet“.

Jihyo pouted at her, offended.


6. When Sana made Momo and Mina kiss.

During a pepero game, Sana hit two birds with one stone. She bullied her members and gave the Momo and Mina shippers everything they wanted.


7. When Nayeon poked Momo to death during a fan event.

Never give Nayeon a weapon. It only leads to trouble.

She mercilessly attacked Momo with this poking stick until Momo fell to the ground.

Momo eventually got a hold of the poking stick, but that didn’t stop Nayeon from tackling her to the ground.


8. “Your face is big.”

While Jihyo was using a self-cam, Tzuyu told her that her face looked big. Jihyo was not at all impressed, but Tzuyu was just teasing her!


9. When Tzuyu imitated Sana’s laugh.


10. When Momo pulled a ghost prank on TWICE.

When Momo does a prank, she does it right. First, she frightened her members with a paranormal video…

…then watched them freak out over a “real” ghost.


11. When Tzuyu called Chaeyoung a “manly man”.


12. When Chaeyoung picked the flower over Jihyo.

Chaeyoung shot down Jihyo’s aegyo attempt by choosing a real flower instead.