10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Looked Expensive AF In Her Classy Casual Fashion

Elegant queen coming through!

TWICE‘s Mina is known for her graceful and sophisticated demeanor, and coupled with her amazing physique, these qualities are seen even when she shows up in casual wear! Here are 10+ times Mina made an appearance in her casual outfits, and wowed fans with her refined and classy visuals in them!

1. This outfit is working for her!


2. Even in a simple white shirt and shorts, she looks super classy!


3. Mina and coats are the best combination!


4. Her visuals are unreal.


5. She’s an elegant beauty!


6. Mina is so pretty!


7. Mina always exudes such classy vibes!


8. Such incredible visuals!


9. Gorgeous queen!


10. Another one for Mina in coats!


11. Her beauty is ethereal.


12. Mina in this outfit just hits different!


13. She gives off such sophisticated vibes in this outfit!


14. This Mina is so powerful!


15. This outfit looks so good on her!


16. She’s beautiful!


17. Mina’s orange hair is a look she needs to bring back!


18. Classy queen!