10 Times TWICE’s Mina Looked Like An Actual Angel

4, 5, and 10 basically prove she is an angel.

TWICE is full of stunning visuals, but member Mina has a particular elegance to her beauty that always leaves fans in awe.

With her small figure, kind eyes, and delicate features, here are ten times that TWICE’s Mina looked like a literal angel.

1. When a fan captured her stunning smile

TWICE’s Mina

Her smile is simply precious and shows how caring the idol is.

2. When she took a simple selfie

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Even when she takes photos in the waiting room before and after performing, her visuals make the photos look professionally taken.

3. When she posed for a concept photo for Taste of Love

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Although Mina looks like a beautiful angel in this photo, her gaze is certainly deadly.

4. When she wore a set of angel wings

Although the red lighting seems to contrast her angelic image, her delicate visuals still keep her looking innocently stunning.

5. When she wore a set of angel wings (again)

| @twicetagram/Instagram

With much calmer lighting, as the photo was taken after the performance, Mina only looks even more like an angel with the light pink of her dress complimenting her white wings.

6. When she dressed in all white

With her beautiful white dress and calm smile, Mina looks ethereal.

7. When her blonde hair was paired with a radiant smile

Blonde is definitely one of the idol’s iconic hair colors, and this photo particularly shows how stunningly joyful Mina can look.

8. When she took another simple selfie

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Mina truly doesn’t need professional lighting or photography equipment to showcase her angelic visuals. Even a simple selfie leaves fans in awe.

9. When she took everyone’s breath away in Feel Special

There are no words to describe this photo besides “wow.”

10. And when her cover of “Snowman” for Christmas proved that she had an angelic voice to match her angelic appearance

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Her vocals are heavenly in the cover, and when matched with her simple white dress, it is clear that Mina has to be an actual angel.