10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Was A Sexy Shoulder-Line Queen In The Prettiest Off-Shouldered Outfits

Mina has a very pretty shoulder-line, and she flaunts it well!

TWICE‘s Mina is known for her gorgeous elegant beauty, but she also has an incredibly sexy side! Here are 10+ times Mina flaunted her sexy shoulder-line in off-shouldered outfits and made all of us gasp out loud!

1. Throwback to TWICE’s debut era, when we got this gorgeous moment of Mina being a shoulder queen!


2. Her visuals are ethereal!


3. She’s pretty in pink- and so is her shoulder-line!


4. This is one of MIna’s most iconic looks, period!


5. Her shoulder-line is highlighted so well in this outfit!


6. Mina always gives off such regal vibes!


7. Smiley Mina is the best Mina!


8. Queen of flaunting shoulders in red outfits!


9. Mina is a beautiful angel in this outfit!


10. This “Yes Or Yes” era outfit showed off her pretty shoulders perfectly!


11. Mina in red is one of her best looks!


12. Her visuals are unreal!


13. She’s gorgeous!


14. Mina looks perfectly ready for summer in this outfit!


15. “Fancy” era Mina was iconic!


16. Another one for “Fancy” era Mina!


17. This outfit and orange-haired Mina need to make a comeback soon!