10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Was A Stunning Body-Line Queen

Mina’s proportions are unreal!

TWICE‘s Mina is known for her incredibly graceful and elegant visuals, but she also has an incredibly toned and fit physique! Here are 10+ times Mina showed off her pretty body-line, and gained tons of praise from fans!

1. Mina’s proportions are perfect!


2. Her waist is so tiny!


3. Her figure is so pretty in this dress!


4. Her legs go on for days!


5. Mina in this dress was a cultural reset!


6. Her abs are crazy toned!


7. Her visuals are beautiful!


8. Mina is a gorgeous, proportion queen!


9. She pulls this suit off so well!


10. Mina in this all-black outfit is such a serve!


11. Her body-line is so pretty!


12. She looks amazing in everything she wears!


13. “Cheer Up” era Mina is so iconic!


14. She’s an elegant beauty in these photos!