10+ Times TWICE Momo’s Casual Fashion Was A Perfect Fit For Summer Weather

Her casual style will give you major fashion inspo for the summer months!

TWICE‘s Momo is known for her explosive skill and charisma onstage, but offstage, she’s an adorable cutie with a whole lotta style! Here are 10+ times Momo let out her inner fashion queen, giving fans major fashion inspo for the summer!

1. This casual outfit just screams summer-ready!


2. Momo is the perfect combination of classy and sexy in this outfit!


3. She totally slays this simple outfit!


4. This casual outfit is stylish and looks so comfy!


5. Such a cute outfit!


6. Only Momo can pull off a snakeskin print top so well!


7. Momo is a whole cutie in this fit!


8. This black jumpsuit is perfect on her!


9. Momo in this outfit slaps hard!


10. This dress is perfect to keep cool in the summer!


11. Such a cool, casual fit!


12. Momo in white shirts and denim is picture-perfect!


13. This casual, comfy and sporty fit is a perfect fit for summer weather!


14. Momo can pull off bucket hats ridiculously well!


15. She’s an angel in this white dress!


16. But this floral dress suits her very well, too!


17. Momo’s sexy side is highlighted so well in this dress!


18. Shes’s flaunting her defined abs in this pretty red crop top!


19. Momo in this outfit is everything!