10+ Times TWICE’s Momo Flaunted Her Badass Visuals In An All-Black Outfit

Black is definitely her color!

When TWICE‘s Momo is dancing up a storm onstage, fans love her for her skills, stage presence, and incredibly sexy aura that she has going on! She looks gorgeous onstage, and has rocked a multitude of badass stage outfits! Here are 10+ times Momo rocked an all-black outfit, and made fans fall for her incredible visuals all over again!

1. Momo’s such a graceful dancer.


2. This outfit and hair on Momo is super cute!


3. This dress highlights Momo’s curves so well!


4. “Fancy” era Momo is so powerful!


5. She rocks crop tops insanely well!


6. So pretty!


7. She makes black lace look so lovely!


8. Momo with this bob cut and outfit is so beautiful!


9. Momo’s killin’ it in this suit!


10. Momo in black dresses is a look.


11. Such a cutie!


12. She’s so pretty!


13. She has such an incredible body!


14. This outfit is working for her!