10 Times TWICE Momo’s Stage Outfits Made Us Scream “Step On Me!”

She absolutely shines onstage!

TWICE‘s Momo is a force to be reckoned with onstage, but along with her killer dance moves, she also always wears the prettiest stage outfits! Here are 10 times Momo showed up for a performance in the most gorgeous stage outfits, and made us scream, “step on me”!

1. Iconic debut outfit

When TWICE debuted with “Like OOH-AAH”, Momo donned this iconic outfit that was perfect for their girl crush concept!


2. Shiny crop top, purple shorts and white thigh-high boots

For the group’s promotions with “Feel Special”, Momo wore this beautiful outfit of a silver, shiny crop top, purple shorts and white knee boots that complimented her amazing figure very nicely!


3. Pink sheer top with white shorts

During TWICE’s “What Is Love” promotions, Momo wore this pink sheer top with white shorts, and looked super cute!


4. Denim mini dress

Momo totally “danced the night away” in this gorgeous denim mini dress!


5. Red off-shoulder top and black shorts

Momo channeled her sexy side in this red off-shoulder top and black shorts!

6. All-black everything

Momo rocks this all-black outfit like no one else!


7. Black and white striped crop top with black shorts and a sexy AF choker

Momo totally owned this sexy look, which highlighted her amazingly fit and toned body!


8. White dress with blue floral prints

She’s the embodiment of summer in this dress!


9. White and purple crop top with white skirt

Momo looks super adorable in this outfit!


10. Deep blue corset with black shorts

Sexy Momo is back in this corset-and-shorts combo!