10+ Times TWICE Nayeon Was 100% Actually You

Yep, without a doubt.

1. This is you every morning on your way to school/work, sleepy af.


2. And this is you having to say hello to coworkers way too early.


3. You, cold, but still keeping it cute.


4. You, a few days before Christmas, pretending not to know how to decorate the Christmas tree so you can go watch Christmas specials on Netflix.


5. Christmas morning when you find out that nobody got your hints about iPhone X.


6. Crushing what everybody said was impossible.


7. Pretending to know how to skate.


8. You, when the person you’re FaceTiming says they’ll screen capture your face.


9. When you see a cute dog on the street.


10. You, realizing that you have only one true love in your life, your own dog.


11. When you picked two flavors at a gelato shop but secretly wanted to get everything.


12. When you thought you didn’t care if something was too hot.


13. And finally, you, knowing that Pikachu is cute but you in a Pikachu headgear is even cuter.