10+ Times TWICE’s Nayeon Proved She Has The Cutest Cheeks

Don’t you just want to poke them?

TWICE‘s Nayeon has out-of-this-world visuals and her adorable cheeks definitely add to her charm! Whether on stage or talking to her fans, Nayeon never fails to steal our hearts with her amazing cheekbones!

Here are 10+ times Nayeon proved she has the cutest cheeks.

1. Rosy Cheeks

2. She’s got big eyes and big cheeks!

3. Just look at them!

4. It’s definitely a huge charming point

5. She’s got visuals that kill

6. Who else wants to poke them?

7. She knows she’s got the squishiest cheeks

8. Even she can’t help but squish them!

9. They’re even cute from the back

10. You know that’s Nayeon just by seeing the cheeks

11. Her side profile is gorgeous

12. We all remember this moment! Adorable

13. A smile that makes everyone blush


15. Who could ever hate that face?!

16. Those cheeks can definitely make everyone’s day better