10+ Times TWICE’s Nayeon Served Stunning Visuals In Blue

Nayeon in blue is a superior concept!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is a gorgeous visual, and she can literally rock anything she wears! Here are 10+ times Nayeon was a whole beauty in blue outfits!

1. Nayeon’s killin’ it in this casual blue fit!


2. Visual queen!


3. This is one of Nayeon’s most iconic looks!


4. A whole cutie in this blue floral dress!


5. Nayeon shows off her unreal proportions in this outfit!


6. Nayeon in uniforms is so pretty!


7. She’s such a cutie!


8. This blue outfit suits her so much!


9. Her visuals are unreal!


10. This blue floral jumpsuit is gorgeous on her!


11. Nayeon pulls off this dress flawlessly!


12. Nayeon slays in this outfit!


13. Her casual visuals are beautiful!