10+ Times TWICE’s Nayeon Showed Us How To Own A Pretty Plaid Outfit

Nayeon in plaid is such a superior concept!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is a whole cutie, and her visuals get better and better each time ONCEs see her! Here are 10+ times Nayeon showed us how to own a plaid outfit, all the while slaying with her visuals!

1. “Yes Or Yes” era Nayeon is iconic!


2. Nayeon in plaid is such a superior concept!


3. So pretty!


4. She’s serving such chic visuals in this outfit!


5. She’s totally slaying this outfit!


6. This plaid skirt is working for her!


7. This was such a good look on her!


8. She’s beautiful in this outfit!


9. Nayeon’s high-class fashion vibes is everything!


10. But her casual fashion is super pretty too!


11. Her visuals are unreal!


12. Her charisma is incredible!


13. She’s gorgeous!


14. Nayeon in pigtails gives such baby bunny energy!


15. She’s such a cutie in this plaid dress!