10+ Times TWICE’s Nayeon Was A Visual Queen On The Red Carpet

Her red carpet appearances are always top-tier!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is loved for her gorgeous, bubbly visuals, and her appearances at red carpets are highly anticipated because of how pretty and smiley she is! Here are 10+ of Nayeon’s prettiest red carpet looks that will leave you totally stunned!

1. This plaid dress looks so pretty on Nayeon!


2. A whole visual in this fit!


3. Nayeon is slaying this fit!


4. She’s a sexy queen in this dress!



5. Nayeon looks beautiful in white!


6. Her visuals are unreal!


7. Only Nayeon can wear this dress with so much charm!


8. Classy queen!


9. This black dress is amazing on her!


10. She’s serving only visuals!


11. Body-line queen!


12. Nayeon in this floral dress is everything!


13. Pink is a wonderful color on Nayeon!


14. She’s gorgeous!


15. Love this look on her!


16. Ethereal visual queen!