10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Had Everyone Star-Struck With Her Red Carpet Visuals

No Sana, no life!

TWICE‘s Sana is well-known for her striking visuals, and everytime she makes an appearance, fans and netizens rave about her top-tier beauty! Here are 10+ times Sana was a total stunner in her gorgeous red carpet outfits!

1. Sana’s visuals are popping in this ruffled white blouse and black skirt look!


2. Slaying pink dresses is definitely her forte!


3. Just an angel in a white dress!


4. Sana is prettier than any flower in this floral print dress!


5. Queen of angelic aesthetics!


6. Her cutie-sexy charms really show through in this black lace dress!


7. Sana in suits? Yes, please!


8. Sana’s killing it in this dress!


9. Her visuals are unreal in this pink dress!


10. Her adorable charms in this reindeer onesie are everything!


11. Sexy queen!


12. Sana’s gorgeous in this dress!


13. She totally knows how to rock a little black dress like a queen!


14. She’s channelling Barbie vibes with her hair and outfit!