10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Proved She Has Legs For Days In The Prettiest Thigh-High Boots

Sana makes eveyrthing look good!

TWICE‘s Sana is a very beautiful idol, who’s known for her cute charms and amazing proportions! Her tall height helps her pull of most outfits, including the prettiest thigh-high boots! Here are 10+ times Sana donned thigh-high boots, and absolutely slayed!

1. Sana’s got such long legs!


2. Sana kills it in her casual fashion!


3. She’s so pretty!


4. Sana looks amazing in red!


5. This outfit was such a good look on her!


6. Sana’s a beautiful visual!


7. She kills it in long boots!


8. She’s adorable!


9. She’s so pretty!


10. She’s got an amazing figure!


11. Pink-haired Sana was such a look!


12. Sana’s visuals are unreal!


13. This is Sana’s most iconic look!


14. These boots from TWICE’s “Feel Special” MV are so beautiful!

15. So beautiful!