These 10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Rocked A Pink Outfit Will Convince You That It’s Her Best Color

She’s looks the prettiest in pink!

TWICE‘s Sana is a gorgeous visual, of that there is no doubt. When she dyed her hair pink for the group’s “Feel Special” comeback, fans raved about her gorgeous visuals that were just enhanced by her pretty pink hair! Here are X times where Sana wore a pink outfit, and it’ll definitely convince you that pink is Sana’s color!

1. She looks gorgeous!


2. Sana’s visual is no joke!


3. She’s the fluffiest cutie ever!


4. She’s a visual goddess!


5. Sana is gorgeous in pink!


6. Only Sana can make this outfit work!


7. She’s a pretty pink princess!


8. Sana is one gorgeous visual!


9. Sana looks bad*ss in pink!


10. She’s the whole package!


11. This outfit looks good only because Sana’s wearing it!


12. Do you like Sana in pink? Yes or yes?


13. She’s gorgeous in this outfit!


14. Sana’s such a queen!