10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Showed Off Her Goddess Proportions In A Simple Pair Of Jeans

Sana’s a proportion queen who’s got legs for miles!

TWICE‘s Sana is a gorgeous queen, and is well-known for her amazing proportions! Here are 10+ times Sana wore a simple pair of jeans, and had fans shook with her beautiful visuals!

1. Her legs go on for miles in these jeans!


2. She’s got such great proportions!


3. Sana looks great in casuals!


4. She’s super adorable!


5. She’s gorgeous!


6. She looks great no matter what she wears!


7. Sana has such a great body!


8. Proportion queen!


9. Sana in sexy casual fashion is one of her most iconic looks!


10. She’s got perfect proportions!


11. Sana is a visual queen!


12. Ripped jeans is a look that Sana’s absolutely owned!


13. This casual look is Sana’s best yet!