10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Showed Off Her Stunning, Doll-Like Visuals In Curly Hair

Such a babe!

TWICE‘s Sana is a gorgeous beauty, known for her tall, lithe figure and super cute charms! She’s so pretty she can pull off anything, but wears curly hair extremely well! Here are 10+ times Sana had her hair up in curls, and looked like a living doll!

1. Sana looks so pretty with her wavy hair!


2. Wavy/curly-haired Sana is such a look!


3. Her pink hair is legendary!


4. Another set of pictures for her pink hair!


5. Sana’s gorgeous!


6. Her casual visuals are so pretty!


7. These beachy waves look so amazing on her!


8. Curls on Sana is a look that has us blessed.


9. Sana looks so beautiful in these pictures!


10. Such a cutie!


11. Silver, curly-haired Sana was amazing!


12. The only thing better than Sana is Sana’s visuals with snow!


13. Sana in curls and a suit is a look she needs to bring back!


14. Sana’s visuals are so chic!


15. Such a babe!


16. Another one for curly-haired Sana in a suit!