10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Was A Dazzling Visual In Pretty Chokers

She’s so pretty in chokers!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a whole visual, who can pull off chokers especially well! Here are 10+ times Tzuyu was seen with chokers, showing she can slay any trend that comes her way!

1. She’s killin’ it!


2. This choker is as dazzling as Tzuyu’s visuals!


3. Tzuyu pulls off this simple choker with so much style!


4. She’s beautiful!


5. This choker just adds to her alluring visuals!


6. Her visuals are unreal!


7. She slays this dainty choker!


8. “What Is Love” era Tzuyu is so pretty!


9. Tzuyu totally rocks this stylish choker!


10. What a visual queen!


11. Elegant queen comin’ through!


12. Such a cutie!


13. This choker is so pretty!


14. This choker is gorgeous on her!