10 Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Made Us Go “Hot Damn!” With Her Stage Outfits

She’s the prettiest girl around!

TWICE’s Tzuyu is a total beauty, and she shines radiantly on stage! Here are 10 times Tzuyu looked absolutely gorgeous in her stage outfits, and slayed us with her visuals!


1. Her iconic debut outfit from “Like OOH-AAH”!

When Tzuyu debuted in 2015, she wowed fans with her incredible proportions highlighted by this incredible outfit!


2. This pink crop top and black shorts, with thigh-high boots

Tzuyu absolutely killed it in this pink crop top and black shorts combo, with the boots accentuating her long legs nicely!


3. Plaid dress

Tzuyu looked like a living, breathing doll in this plaid dress!


4. This striped blouse and shorts combo

Tzuyu slayed in this outfit!


5. This mosaic patterned dress

Tzuyu looks so beautiful in this patterned dress!


6. Black and white printed dress

She looks so cute in this outfit!


7. Purple satin dress

Tzuyu looks absolutely ethereal in this purple satin dress that compliments her figure nicely!


8. All-red outfit

Tzuyu totally rocks this sexy red outfit!


9. Crop top and jeans

Tzuyu makes even the simplest outfits look gorgeous!


10. White floral dress

She’s a summer queen in this dress!