10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Was The Picture Of Grace And Elegance In Her Classy Casual Fashion

She’s a sophisticated queen!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is well-regarded for her classy, one in a million beauty, and fans can’t get enough of it! She’s always beautiful, both on and off stage, and exudes pure grace and elegance with every appearance she makes! Here are 10+ times Tzuyu showed up in the classiest casual fashion, and blew her fans away with her visuals!

1. She carries this casual outfit with so much grace!


2. Classy queen!


3. Her tall figure makes everything look so good on her!


4. This dress is so cute!


5. Tzuyu in coats is a legendary look on her!


6. She’s incredibly gorgeous!


7. She’s such an elegant beauty!


8. Tzuyu is a true cutie in coats!


9. This hairstyle and look is going for her!


10. She has such graceful visuals!


11. Tzuyu in coats is iconic!


12. She’s so pretty!


13. Such a sophisticated queen!


14. She’s such an incredible visual!