Here Are 10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Proved Her Angelic Visuals In These All White Outfits

#2 proves she’s actually an angel!

TWICE’s Tzuyu is an angel in every way! From her soft visuals to her warm-hearted personality, it’s hard to deny that Tzuyu isn’t actually a real angel! It’s clear Tzuyu has the prettiest angelic visuals whenever she wears all white!

1. She’s sweet off stage and fierce on stage!

2. I think this proves she’s an actual angel!

3. Blonde, angelic, and breathtaking!

| @twicetagram/Instagram

4. An all-white outfit never looked soo good!

5. She’s got the softest features and it definitely helps bring out her angelic visuals

6. She can even pull off an all-white look on the beach!

| JYP Entertainment

7. If this doesn’t help you see that Tzuyu is a real angel I don’t know what will!

8. Tzuyu is absolutely gorgeous in this long white gown! She’s glowing just like an angel!

9. Tzuyu always dominates the red carpet and her in this white dress definitely made all eyes focus on her

10. Her beauty shines even when she’s merely in a casual look

11. Her beauty is out of this world! It’s hard to believe someone so stunning can be real!

12. Tzuyu is always thriving and, just like her amazing talent, her angelic visual definitely sparkles on stage!

13. A artist, model, and angel. Is there anything she can’t do?!

| JYP Entertainment

14. Although warms hearts with her soft visuals, Tzuyu can also be a total baddie like in this white suit!

| TWICE/YouTube

15. Her smile is lovely and so is her outfit

16. She’s always so classy! Especially in all white!


17. If this isn’t what elegance looks like I don’t know what is


18. She’s literally lighting up everything with her angelic beauty!

19. Now this is a moment we’ll never forget!

20. She’s always stunning and her talent helps her shine

21. You can never go wrong with the color white for a casual day look!

22. Her voice is also angelic

23. I think we can all agree that Tzuyu is too cute for this world!

24. Sophisticated and angelic!

25. She’s so effortlessly beautiful!

26. Seeing Tzuyu on stage in all white, you would think you saw an angel dancing!

27. She would light up any work office!

28. She’s full of youthful and soft visuals


29. Not everyone can pull off puffy shoulders, but Tzuyu looks gorgeous

30. She looks likes an angel floating on a cloud

31. She doesn’t even need wings to look like an angel