10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Proved That Black Dresses Are A Superior Look On Her

She slays in black dresses!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a whole visual queen, one who looks amazing in everything she tries on due to her tall and slender frame! Here are 10+ times Tzuyu rocked a black dress like no one else, truly proving that black dresses are a superior look on her!

1. “Fancy” era Tzuyu is so iconic!


2. This lace outfit is so pretty on her!


3. Her visuals are so ethereal!


4. This sparkly dress is so pretty!


5. Her beauty is insane!


6. So pretty!


7. This dress highlights her curves so well!


8. She really built like that.


9. This dress was legendary on her.


10. Black looks so good on her!


11. Beautiful!


12. Tzuyu in black dresses is such a look!


13. Her charms are off the charts!


14. This dress is gorgeous!


15. She’s an elegant queen in this dress!


16. Tzuyu’s got legs for days in this outfit!