10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Showed Off Her Toned Abs In The Prettiest Crop Tops

Tzuyu in crop tops is a superior concept!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is well-known for her doll-like visuals and enviable physique! Her tall height holds her model-like proportions incredibly well, and they’re especially highlighted when she wears the cutest crop tops! Here are 10+ times Tzuyu wore a crop top and was a fit queen with abs for days!

1. Her proportions are legendary!


2. This blue crop top is so pretty on her!


3. Even during their debut era, Tzuyu was such a looker, especially in this iconic outfit!


4. “Yes Or Yes” era Tzuyu is so powerful!


5. Another one for “Yes Or Yes” era Tzuyu!


6. This outfit is a legendary Tzuyu look!


7. She’s got abs for days!


8. Her visuals are legendary!


9. This outfit is so iconic!



10. This outfit is working for her!


11. She looks so beautiful in this crop top!


12. Tzuyu in crop tops is such a superior concept!


13. She has such a pretty bodyline!


14. “What Is Love” era Tzuyu is iconic!


15. Tzuyu’s visuals are unreal!


16. This look is legendary!


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